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Board meeting: Thursday 22nd November, 7:30pm, Boston SRC

Board meeting: Thursday 27th December, 7:30pm, Boston SRC

Boston United FC Supporters Trust is a registered Industrial and Provident Society, company No. IP30051R

Press Release

Supporters' Trust Formation progresses at speed - 31/10/06-

The Working Group for the Inception of a Boston United Supporters' Trust has arranged an Open Meeting on Monday 28th November 8pm to be held at the Assembly Rooms, Boston.

The Open Meeting invites all the supporters, players, Directors, Board and management team of Boston United Football Club to attend to come and hear about Supporters Direct and the principles and philosophy behind the Supporters' Trust movement.

The meeting should provide a good opportunity to explain about what has happened at other clubs and for fans to hear about other Supporters' Trusts.

The meeting also intends to relate both the theory of Trust formation and experiences from other Trusts around the country to the situation at our club.

The ultimate purpose of the Open Meeting is also to encourage more supporters' to join the Working Group in order to take the idea forward, having first obtained the mandate of the meeting to proceed with the formation of a Trust.

The Working Group also hopes to reach agreement on some objectives. Other supporters' trusts have come up with ideas such as constructing a better relationship with the club; raising money to buy a shareholding in the club; uniting divided supporter factions at the club, or simply playing a greater role in the life of the club, to list a few examples.

The Open Meeting will be as open, inclusive and transparent as possible.

The Working Group will be informing the club and its officials, other supporters' groups, local MPs, councillors and the local media in the next few days.

For further information log onto the Working Group website:


Issued by the Working Group for the Inception of a Boston United Supporters' Trust

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