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BUFCST meetings

Next board meeting: Saturday 21st April 2007 at 11:30AM.
Venue: Unitarian Chapel, Spayne Road, Boston.

Open meeting: -

SD Meetings

East Midlands Regional Meeting, Monday 12th March 2007.
Venue:The Solo Club, 6 Market St, Sleaford. NG34 7SF

Boston United FC Supporters Trust is a registered Industrial and Provident Society, company No. IP30051R

The Acting Officers

Here you will find details of the current acting officers. If you need to contact any of the officers by e-mail, simply click their name.

Ron Coley

Since coming to Boston I have attended and enjoyed football here at all levels whenever my professional and personal circumstances have permitted, including as a fan epic journeys to Derby and Wembley, the successive promotion campaigns of Boston United, and Football league football.

I am also, for my sins, a long term Wolves supporter.

IMPORTANT! Please note Ron doesn't have access to e-mail. Any e-mails will be printed and passed to him and therefore the address should not be used for private/confidential correspondence. To contact Ron in confidence, write to: Ron Coley, Chairman, Boston United Supporters Trust, PO Box 172, Boston, PE21 1AF.

Fundraising / vice chairman   Melvin Moxon

Being a relatatively recent fan of the Pilgrims (some 13 years) I have always tried to ignore the negative comments many people make about the past. I would much rather look to a positive future for the club and its fans. This why I am involved with the Trust.

I was totally impressed with the vision of the Trust - a club by the fans for the fans, and the aim of becoming a genuine community club connecting closely with the community and particularly the young, who are the club's, and the Trust's, future. Although I have been a supporter only 13 years, what time it has been.

I still pinch myself to believe we are in the Football League. This is where we should be,and I believe the success of BUFC SUPPORTERS TRUST will play a pivotal role in ensuring we remain there and go forward to even better things.



Mark Isaac

I've been a fan of the Pilgrims since I was 5 when I was first taken to York Street in 1970 and I used to throw coke cans at the players. I'm involved with the Trust because football clubs should be run "by the fans, for the fans" and not by speculative business men.

Favourite moment: The anticipation of travelling to shout my team on every week wherever they may be.

Favourite player: John Froggatt.

  Richard Tupper

I started going to York Street in 1988 when the glory days had long gone, but there was hope of promotion to join the 'big boys' in the League. Instead we rushed headlong for the Dr Marten's regional division before a certain Glaswegian entered the frame - and the rest is history. I love the closeness and intimacy of a club like ours - I previously watched Luton and that had a similar feel. The bonding's always better when you've been down there with them. Why am I involved with the Supporters Trust? The Trust is FOR the club, FOR the fans. No profit motive. It's not anti new stadium - it just wants the club to be debt free and running soundly for as long as possible.

Favourite moment: 2004's Carling Cup one against my old team, Luton. We won 4-3 and the football was breathtaking.

Favourite player: Andy Kirk - sheer class in front of goal (just beats the gymnastic guy, Willy Gamble, who played for us 12 years ago and couldn't score against a team of blind players - he made me laugh/cry at same time!).

Member Secretary
  David Whittle

My first memory (although by no means the first match I attended, so my parents tell me) was the defeat of Bromsgrove Rovers in January 1967. I was probably the only person standing on the slag heap now known as the Town End when Ken Oxford let a weak shot got straight through his legs in the first few minutes. United went on to win 9-1. I am involved in establishing the Trust because I believe, irrespective of current difficulties, that the supporters should be in a position to run the club when and if the opportunity arises.

Favourite moment:
I suppose it has to be the Conference winning game at Hayes, particularly as I had to be playing in a jazz group in the Holiday Inn in Leicester until 12.55 and never thought I would get to the start of the game - but was in the ground by 2.50!

Favourite player: Peter Costello

Media Liaison
Terry Taylor

Having sat on the edge of the pitch at the Spayne Road corner of the ground, close to the old wooden dressing rooms, with steam from the prepared bath mingling with the smell of oils and the beer and stong pipe tobacco of the massed supporters behind me, I remember feeling the sheer thrill of watching those, (what seemed to me), huge players running on to the pitch preparing to do battle. That was fifty three years ago, the rest, as they say, is history. Although I left Boston for separate three and nine year periods, my love of Boston United has never wained. I willingly helped by selling thousands of tickets for the successful lottery during the late seventies and joined Des Portas as his co-broadcaster for Pilgrim Hospital Radio during the fantastic Jim Smith and Howard Wilkinson era and before the days of Radio Lincolnshire.

I have joined the Trust to help to build a fan-based organisation, that can integrate with Boston United FC, along with local councils, local businesses and the wider community, which if called upon, could ultimately save this wonderful football club from possible extinction.

Favourite Moment: Standing behind the goal at Hayes and feeling the sheer delight of watching the ball hit the back of the net for the winning goal, then savouring the feeling, that after all the years of striving, we had done it! Boston United had reached the football league.

Favourite Players: John Froggat and Chris Cook

Community Liaison
  Andrew Chapman

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