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Next acting board meeting: Thursday 26th July, 7:30pm, Boston SRC

AGM: 12th October 07, INFO

Boston United FC Supporters Trust is a registered Industrial and Provident Society, company No. IP30051R

Boston United FC Supporters Trust
Open Meeting
12 August 2006, White Hart, Boston

The Boston United FC Supporters Trust (BUFCST) held the first of a regular series of public open meetings at the White Hart Hotel prior to Boston United’s match against Darlington on Saturday (12 August 2006).

The meetings are open to members and any member of the public with an interest in the Pilgrims, Supporters Direct and the Trust movement in general.

Saturday’s inaugural gathering was just the first of several meetings lined up throughout the 06/07 season.

Acting Officer Melvin Moxon chaired the meeting and presentations were delivered by fellow officers David Whittle and Adam Upsall. Adam’s presentation recounting the growth of the Trust so far and explaining the next steps was followed by David Whittle’s talk on the Supporters Direct organisation and the benefits of being a Trust officially affiliated with them.

The meeting closed with a lively question and answer session, with subjects such as the public perception of BUFCST, and how that is currently being addressed, along with the level of cooperation between the Trust, club and BUSA, being discussed by fans and board members.

Adam Upsall commented: “It’s very pleasing to get the open meetings off and running. Having feedback from members and other supporters to take the Trust forward is very important and is fundamental to the very way the Trust movement is intended to be run. Encouraging supporters to get involved is a very tough challenge but it’s what we are all striving to achieve.

From those who completed the feedback forms at the end of the meeting we were pleased to note that the venue and length received good comment and most notably the comment on the content was overwhelmingly positive and deemed ‘interesting’. BUFCST would like to take thank all those who attended and especially to those giving the extremely important feedback, as with their help we can improve the next meeting.”

That next meeting is scheduled to take place prior to the home game against Notts County on 4 November. Notts County Trust chairman Keri Usherwood and vice-chair Nigel King have been invited to attend as guest speakers. The venue, time and agenda are to be confirmed - details will be posted on the Trust website at shortly.

Feedback details

Meeting length

Longer: 30%
Spot on: 70%

Meeting venue
Fine: 85%
Bigger: 15%

Meeting content
Interesting: 86%
As expected: 14%


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